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A pinstriped bore with unsavoury views

I am writing to you today from the Greek Island of Santorini, with, I’m afraid to say, rather a delicate disposition. I had honestly planned yesterday that I would be retiring to bed “reasonably early”. That now appears to be rather a bold statement as things turned out to be very much of an otherwise nature.

I had spent a magnificent hour sitting on the beach in a delightful, secluded cove near the villa, watching a most glorious sunset and after freshening up repaired to the nearby taverna for supper. After this, however, it is safe to say things went a little awry. Between courses, I entered into conversation with a British ex-pat with a 60 footer moored in the marina and on the island for a few days. The man was unusually tall with the tanned, leathery features and bleached hair of a Mediterranean sailor and dressed inexplicably in a pin-striped suit as if going to a business meeting rather than a taverna on a small Greek island.

When I say “entered into conversation” I do of course mean that I was interrupted from my self-imposed solitariness by a “hail fellow well met” type of greeting that apparently, only a company-starved, seafaring British gentleman can muster. Being the polite sort of individual I resolutely am, I returned greetings and from then on had to face an onslaught of political opinions some innocuous some less than savoury as a seemingly endless supply of alcohol was brought to the table. Toasts were proffered to people of ever diminishing status – starting with her majesty and eventually ending up with this wretched man’s tailor (who I can only assume expired in the blitz such was the strangeness of his attire).

Although I pride myself on being reasonably deft at navigating heated political debate into less choppy waters, there was simply no way that was possible with this particular person. Once he was into his bluster, there was simply no stopping him. He was not into a reasoned debate he was merely into verbal defecation with little or no interruption.

Sadly as I became further “in drink” the less able I felt to put up even a token defence to his, quite frankly, ludicrous, pompous and occasionally deeply offensive arguments. My peaceful evening in the taverna with my favourite book (Memoirs of a Midget by Walter de la Mare naturally) was completely ruined by this tiresome bore, and my only thoughts now were extricating myself from the situation and returning to the villa. This I managed to do while my troublesome companion had taken himself off to the cloakroom to relive his no doubt fulsome bladder. I calculated I had but a couple of minutes to remove myself and despite being somewhat unsteady on my feet managed to do just that. Luckily the taverna owners know me well and will let me settle my bill whenever I see fit so I will return in a few days when I am certain the island is free of my nemesis.

Now some may very well accuse me of cowardice and of hiding in the shadows like some Haymarket Hector, but no, this is not the case. I came here to have some tranquillity away from the madding crowd and tranquillity I shall have.

If you too are seeking quiet and solitude but cannot make it to your own sunkissed Aegean island, then you could do a lot worse than investing in a pair of quality headphones. Picture the scene; you have some time to yourself, the house is empty, you settle into your much-loved armchair put your feet up and turn on the stereo. Plug in your headphones and away you go, on a flight of the imagination.

The particular set of headphones I recommend are manufactured by the excellent people at Bluedio. This particular Bluedio headphones model is the T2S which has been precision engineered over 2 years to provide the very best music experience you could ever wish for. The bass is strong and vibrant and the treble crisp and clear. Not only is the sound quite magnificent they look fantastic too. Uniquely the ear cups are rotary making them very easy to pack and transport.

Bluedio T2S (Turbine 2 Shooting Brake) Bluetooth...
  • 1. Great Sound: Bluedio engineers have spent two years in creating T2S Ultra-big speaker, diameter up to 2.24 inches, trying to bring you the best music experience: rich and strong bass, crisp and clear highs.
  • 2. Cool Look: T2S, T is the abbr. for Turbine which we think can best stand for your endless passion and energy. And T2S is rotary, you can rotate the ear cup up to 195¡ø, easy to carry and save more space.
  • 3. Bluetooth 4.1 Chip: It's the latest Bluetooth chip, which can transmit data at high speed and bring you smooth music experience. And its low power ensures long lasting battery life: up to 40 hours continuous music time. Also it works well with most mobile phones like iPhone/HTC/Motorola/LG/Samsung...
  • 4. Comfortable to wear: Its ear cup and headband top are padded with sufficient foam and covered with soft leather. What you may not notice is that we have adjusted the headband, based on Ergonomics theory, to fit all head sizes.
  • 5. Bluetooth/Wired: T2S is not only a Bluetooth headset, but also a wired headset. With the included cable, you can still enjoy favorite music when the battery runs low.

These Bluedio headphones boast the very latest 4.1 Bluetooth chip which is able to transmit its data at high speed allowing for a beautifully smooth music experience. Not only that, the low power consumption of the latest Bluetooth chipset means the batteries last up to 40 hours. But there is no need for concern if the battery drains while you are out and about as these Bluedio headphones are also wired and come with the requisite cable included.

So the sound is second to none, the looks are stunning but what is it like to have on your head? What is the point of a great looking pair of Bluedio headphones that sound great if they hurt your head? Well, have no fear, not only are these Bluedio headphones are extraordinarily comfortable to wear. The ear cups and headband are padded with a generous amount of foam and covered in supple leather. The headband has been designed ergonomically to adjust to all head shapes and sizes.

These Bluedio headphones (T2S model) are perfect for immersing yourself in music or audio of any kind and will be a worthwhile investment. Thoroughly recommended.

May the wheels of good fortune follow in the tracks of your aspirations

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