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A grey sheepskin rug, a chair and a table

I’d like to let you into a little secret. In my home, I have a room completely set aside for meditation and mindfulness. It is really a place where no thoughts are welcome. A place where one can completely clear and cleanse the mind. This is as important as your daily ablutions in the bathroom, as important as cleaning your teeth. I realise I am very fortunate to be able to set aside a room for this purpose, but any space can transform itself for this purpose. This room does not even have a name by which one might refer to it as it is without form, just space. I could call it a “meditation room” or a “mindfulness room”, but that would give it substance, it is in actual fact not a room at all even though it has walls, a ceiling and a door. It is just space.

Of course, I have had to make the “room” reasonably comfortable. A place to sit for example. However, it does bring new meaning to the word “minimalist”. The space measures 15 feet by fifteen feet, so a perfect square. There is one large window which offers a view of the fields beyond the stream at the bottom of my garden. The walls are painted a slightly muted white, as is the floor. The chair is a white leather recliner. To one side of the chair is a small table, naturally white. This is where I place my tea.

As you enter the space, the chair is facing the left-hand wall. The only other thing in the “room” is a grey sheepskin rug, and it is upon this I place my bare feet. That’s it, nothing else. There are no pictures or other ornamentations on the wall, no other furniture, no distracting colours, nothing apart from the chair, the small table and the grey sheepskin rug. Nothing to distract the mind as I attempt to empty it of thoughts.

A lot of people believe the mind has a “mind” of its own, that its purpose is to entertain a relentless torrent of ideas and there is absolutely nothing whatsoever we, the casual observer, can do about it, nothing. They believe the mind is in complete control and we are destined to follow wherever it may lead us. The constant buzzing just won’t cease no matter what we do. This is a fallacy.

A mind is merely a tool that is in our own power if of course, we desire it. The mind can be a valuable asset that lets us ride on flights of imagination and experience all the wonders of the world. However, it can also be a curse, a great source of pain and misery if you allow it to fixate on negative thoughts such as dread and all its expressions.

Being able to empty the mind makes it possible to release that which is not serving us well and utilising precious space that would be better taken up by positive thoughts.

Once we get to grips with whats really on our mind, we gain perspective. We can act, when required, from lucidity and certainty. We have starved the loop of negativity, and it perishes before us.

This is a subject I will be returning to because it is an important one and five hundred and seventy-four words are nowhere near enough to do it justice. I have only scratched the surface.

To assist you in your passage to enlightenment and a regular mind clearing routine I have been able to source one of the essential components of my “mindfulness room”, the grey sheepskin rug. As I walk barefooted into the chamber, across the cold floor, it is an absolute delight to finally land upon the sheepskin. So soft between my toes. In fact, it is how the cleansing process beginss, from my feet, comfortable and cushioned on the rug.

Super Soft Hand Finished British Sheepskin Rug in...
  • Lambland are renowned for high quality genuine sheepskin rug
  • These British sheepskins are hand cut sewn and finished in our own workshop
  • From the British Moorlands these sheepskins feature a dense and thick wool pile
  • Comes with Lambland machine washing instructions - Satisfaction or your money Back
  • Our BEST SELLING Sheepskin rug colour

Make no bones about it a soft, indulgent genuine sheepskin rug is very pleasing to the eye. Whether you decide to locate your sheepskin rug, the bedroom, living room or mindfulness room this sheepskin rug made from genuine one hundred percent wool produces a calm and contemporary air of well-being. Stepping on a natural sheepskin rug feels like you might be walking on a cloud.

Although it is soft to the touch, do not think for one moment that this is at the price of robustness or longevity, not a bit of it! This delightful sheepskin rug is not only soft but is also eminently durable and suitable for flooring of all types, including floors with underfloor heating.

This particular grey sheepskin rug is manufactured by the good people at Lambland who are the countrys leading specialist in sheepskins. All their sheepskins are hand cut, graded, and quality checked. Your delightful new sheepskin rug will come with full washing and care instructions. A variety of sizes are available.

A thick, soft, quality sheepskin, thouroughly recommended.

May the wheels of good fortune follow in the tracks of your aspirations

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